The Franchising Taskforce: Regulation Impact Statement. More Half-baked than Helpful

The Franchising Task Force Regulatory Impact Statement:– “moving the deckchairs” with streamlining processes– binding arbitration too difficult to consider because of “complex legal considerations”– likely “voluntary” amendments to franchising agreements First impressions matter. Reading the recently released Franchising sector reforms Regulation Impact Statement produced by the Franchising Taskforce made me think about an internet video […]

Difference between Regulation and Resolution for the Franchising industry?

The Federal Government’s has now appointed a Franchising Task Force, as recommended by the Senate Committee of Inquiry: “toexamine the feasibility and implementation of a number of the committee’s recommendations”. How are they going about their task with respect to the Dispute Resolution recommendations in Chapter 15 of the Committee’s report?   I thought I […]

Regulators trump Resolvers with Franchising Task Force

The Franchising Task Force Issue Paper– a levy for franchisors– arbitration for franchisees reconsidered– secret submissions Both franchisees and franchisors alike will be alarmed and disappointed at the Government’s Franchising Task Force’s initial approach. Rather than moving to “to examine the feasibility and implementation of a number of the committee’s recommendations” made after a lengthy […]